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Project Carpet

Our project department delivers a various of products for different purposes. These products mainly consists of carpets for hotels and mosques, multiple kind of artificial grass, rugs, printed carpet, prayer rugs and underlay.

Please contact us so we can evaluate your specific project and provide tailor-made solutions. Our team is always ready to share their experience, in order to determine the most efficient product and method for their clients.



Hotel carpet Hotels require very specific sizes and design drawings for the rooms, corridors and lounges. With our expertise, experience and know-how, the development process is being managed, presented in a Mockup room and executed professionally in a customer satisfying way, in cooperation with our interior design department.


Rugs Carpets come in many sizes. Rugs are generally considered as home products and are also being made in combination with hallway carpets as sets.

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Mosque carpet The mosque carpets are being prepared based on the special drawing and measurements of the specific mosques or in rolls of 4 by 25 meters, which consists of 3 praying rows. The carpets can be woven with wool, acrylic or pp heatset, depending on the durability needs of the customer. Please visit our website


Printed Carpet Printed carpets come with unique opportunities. Like a giant printer, the print machine paints the pre-tufted white polyamid carpet. This  gives the opportunity to print any picture with high resolution.


Artificial Grass Artificial grass is mainly being used for sport pitches and landscaping where the growing of natural grass is too expensive or impossible due to climate reasons. The most important features of artificial grass are the sustainability and low costs of the product itself and maintenance. 


Prayer Rugs Prayer rugs come in different qualities, colors, sizes and designs. Also deliverable in boxes. 

Underlay Underlay is being used for several of purposes in relation to parquet, carpets and other different products. 

Please contact us for all your enquiries or questions.

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