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About Us

TheCarpet has specialized in carpet trade and is with an annual export of 10 million square meters the second carpet exporting company according to the exporters association.

With our wide range of production facility, capacity and resources,  TheCarpet delivers all kind of carpets from low to high quality, within the surveillance of our experienced staff and know how, making sure the customers receives their goods in full accordance with their orders.


TheCarpet has been established in 2007 and is among top 1000 export companies of Turkey according to TEA (Turkish Exporters Assembly). 


Different rolled carpets on white backgr



Design & Size

There are many aspects which determine the quality of a carpet. The main attribute is the quality of the yarn which varies from polypropylene, polyester, acrylic to wool. 

The density and the pile height are of major importance for the quality and feeling of the carpet. The density is mainly being referred to as `points`.

From mosque & home carpets to modern office & exhibition carpet designs, all are practicable to any request for various coloration and sizes. 

Our Products


Woven Carpet

Polypropylene (Heatset, Freeze, BCF), Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic, Wool

Wall to wall, Rugs, Shaggy

Tufting Carpet

Cut Pile: Heatset, Freeze, Polyester, Nylon
Loop Pile: Bcf, Heatset, Freeze

Wall to wall, Rugs, Shaggy

Project Carpet

Hotel carpet, Mosque carpet, Artificial Grass, Rugs, Printed carpet, Prayer Rugs, Underlay

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